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Postpartum Mental Health

I help new moms cope with stressors so they can reconnect to themselves, their partners, and the joy of motherhood

You just aren't feeling like yourself.

You are crying more, laughing less, and ready to snap at any moment. 

You feel shame because it "should" be easier. 

You have always been superwoman so feeling like you can't do it all feels like a weakness.  

You've always wanted to be a mom, but your reality doesn't line up with your expectations. 

You are great at achieving things and checking things off the list, but motherhood seems to require a formula you don't know. 


You feel sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, and resentful. 

Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards getting the support you deserve. 

Let's work together to get to the other side...

  • Identify the expectations you have of yourself in your new role as a mom

  • Uncover relationship dynamics

  • Tune into your identity outside of motherhood

  • Dive into past trauma and heal old wounds

  • Understand the ways that culture and family influence your core beliefs

  • Learn healthy ways to ask for what you need 

  • Prioritize your needs as you learn how to care for your little human

Motherhood allows you to tap into the version of yourself waiting to emerge.
Let's explore the depths of your inner wisdom, power, and joy.  
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