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7 Apps to Help Busy Moms Organize Their Lives

Mother preparing sandwiches for her kids.

As a mom, you have to stay on top of everything. You have to take care of the kids and play with them. You also have to take them to school and various extracurricular activities. You’re also taking care of your home and cooking for everyone. Not to mention that if you’re not a stay-at-home mom, you also have a job to worry about. Organizing all of these activities and more can be very challenging. And whenever you forget something, mom guilt creeps in. Indeed, you should go easy on yourself, but you can also seek help. This help can come in various ways, one of them being technology. Here are 7 apps to help busy moms organize their lives.

No. 1 Cozi Family Organizer is one of the best apps to help busy mums organize their lives

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Yes, moms are superheroes, but even they need a bit of help. That’s why you should prioritize your tasks and delegate the rest. Your spouse and your kids are there to help, not just to be taken care of. You just need to keep them organized, and Cozi Family Organizer was designed for that. Here are some of the best features of this app:

The family calendar is a great way to keep track of the family’s activities. Each family member has access to it, so they will know where they need to be. You can also set reminders for important activities. In addition, you can schedule everything from school schedules and playtime to shopping and cleaning the house.

The to-do list feature enables you to make lists for everything. For example, you can create separate or shared ones for your spouse and kids. This way, everyone will know what they have to do.

The shopping list lets you delegate the shopping task to any family member. You just write down everything you need and email it. Plus, you can even create a store-specific shopping list.

The recipes feature helps you plan meals for the entire week and add everything you need to the shopping list. Moreover, it also provides you with recipe ideas, which can be very helpful.

A dad and a kid washing and drying the dishes.
Cozi Family Organizer is one of the best apps to help busy mums organize their lives by involving the entire family.

No. 2 The HomeRoutines app

HomeRoutines is one of the best apps to help busy moms organize their lives and stay motivated. We all have repetitive tasks that we must perform daily or weekly. These become routines. And while you rarely forget about them, it can be hard to fit them into your hectic schedule. That’s why this app is so great.

You can schedule your routines for the entire week and set a completion time for each. That will help you stay focused on the task at hand and finish it on time. For each completed task, you get a star. And you even have an Accomplishments section that shows you everything you’ve managed to do. That is a great way to stay motivated. Plus, you can even share lists with other family members so that they can give you a helping hand.

A mom vacuuming accompanied by her daughter and dog.
Use the HomeRoutines app to keep track of routine activities, like vacuuming.

No. 3 The Todoist app

The Todoist app is handy because you can use it to organize both your family life and your work life. Because let’s face it, your hectic mum schedule can make you forget some important work stuff. So, schedule everything you need to accomplish in a week. When it comes to routines, you don’t even have to add them to your schedule every week. The app will automatically do that for you. You also have to delegate tasks to family members and work colleagues.

No. 4 The Trello app

While Trello got promoted as an app that helps you organize your work life, it works great for families. You can plan all your activities, from routine to more complex ones. For example, let’s say you’re planning a local move to Florida. That can be very challenging, particularly when your family still has to perform daily tasks. So, use Trello to organize everything. Looking for movers must be on your to-do list because it’s essential to find pros you can trust. However, you can delegate parts of the packing process to your family members. This way, everyone can keep track of their tasks.

No. 5 The Grocery Gadget app

As a busy mom, you don’t always have time to go grocery shopping. Even when you do, you often spend more time than necessary because you get distracted by new products. That’s why using the Grocery Gadget app is a great way to stay organized and save time. Firstly, you can create your shopping list by choosing from thousands of standard products or scanning products in your home. Secondly, the app provides images of the products you need to help you stay focused while shopping. Thirdly, you can share the list with other family members to check everything on the list faster.

A mom carrying her daughter while shopping at the grocery store.
The Grocery Gadget app helps you create shopping lists faster and save time while shopping.

No. 6 The Mint app

In addition to all your daily and weekly tasks, you must keep track of your family finances. After all, having kids doesn’t come cheap. They always need new clothes, toys, and books. Not to mention that you also have bills to pay and holidays to organize. You can use the Mint app as your accountant. It helps you keep track of your spending and set financial goals. Therefore, you can save for your next holiday or your kids’ college fund.

No. 7 The MyFitnessPal app

As a mom, your main focus is taking care of everyone else. But it’s equally important to make time for yourself. Otherwise, you risk burnout. And you have to stay healthy to be able to carry out all of your tasks. That’s why you should use the MyFitnessPal app. It’s like having a personal nutrition and fitness coach. You can track what you eat, how much you exercise, and how much weight you’ve lost. The app also provides you with healthy recipes and fitness exercises you can try. The goal is to live a healthy life.


Moms often think they have to do everything on their own. But they shouldn’t. Your spouse and your kids can be beneficial. So, learn to delegate some of your tasks. Use these 7 apps to help busy mums organize their lives. They can make your life a lot easier. Moreover, they can help you avoid experiencing mom guilt because you will no longer forget important activities or events.

Jean B. Claassen has been working as a content writer for three years. Her main goal is to help mothers balance their work and family lives. Because as the mum of two boys, she knows how hard it can be. She also has a passion for cooking, which has inspired her to write about healthy food choices.

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