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Jennifer Benoit, LCSW

Maternal Mental Health Therapist, Speaker, and Consultant

Postpartum Mental Health


Do you feel like motherhood has brought up unresolved emotional issues?


Are you having a hard time keeping your cool with your kids?

Do you feel like you don't recognize yourself?


Do you want to break generational patterns and traumas related to motherhood?

Are you a single parent trying to figure out how to balance your needs and the needs of your children?

Are you feeling resentful towards your partner because you are carrying the mental and physical load of parenting?


"No one told me motherhood would be like this." 


We may be the dream team if:

  • You are ready to deep dive into the stories you tell yourself 

  • You are in touch with your feelings and willing to use them as a guide

  • You want to go on the adventure of connecting the dots between your past and present

  • You are willing to take bold steps outside of your comfort zone 

  • You want to put your oxygen mask on first so that you can show up better for yourself and your loved ones

Still unsure?

I get it. You thought that everything would fall into place once you became a mom. The formula that's made you successful in other areas of your life doesn't seem to work in your motherhood journey. 

What if you didn't have to navigate through this journey alone?


Ways to Work Together

Individual Therapy

  • Transition into motherhood      

  • Parental burnout

  • Perfectionism

  • Birth trauma

  • Enmeshed family dynamics 

  • Identity issues

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Codependency

  • Mother wound

Group Therapy

Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

5-week Virtual Support Group

  • Are you tired of feeling unseen and unheard? 

  • Are you often the victim of rage, gaslighting, constant criticism, deceit, and manipulation?

  • Do you feel isolated, insecure, and confused? 


                      You are not alone. 

        It is time for you to feel validated.


Speaking & Consulting

The high costs of childcare, lack of governmental support, and the failure of companies to accommodate the needs of mothers contribute to mothers being pushed out of the workforce.


Many moms who stay in the workforce are on the brink of burnout due to the lack of accommodation to meet their needs. This often leads to:

  • Job dissatisfaction

  • Low productivity

  • Presenteeism

  • Absenteeism

  • High turnover

Licensed in Florida | Michigan | Connecticut | Oklahoma | Ohio | Kentucky

Terms & Conditions
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